Hello there,

I am  Okori  John  Onah Diego Oyigoja, a story writer and father of this blog.


You can find me on Facebook Here. and on Twitter Here.

I am a writer, freelancer, music writer/arranger, soloist, and of course, a blogger. Contact me for any of those services.

I want to change my environment through stories (and maybe the world too, who knows what the future hold? Que sera sera).


Oh, sorry, I in my early 20s, 6.2 feet tall, dark (obviously), and playful. My best colour is Red (really don’t know why i chose that colour), and I am from Cross River state of Nigeria.

I am a (traditional) university aspirant, who holds a certificate of Creative writing form the Wesleyan University (online MOOC) from Coursera.

I am the second of half a dozen children (typical African). i have two sisters and four brothers.

What else is there to say? Just ask via any of my social media handles.






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